Resolving Chills Which Run Up and Down Your Back

Chills normally accompany flushes of heat. They normally alternate with each other. But sometimes you can have it on its own. A common symptom of a particular homeopathic medicine is ‘chills which run up and down your back’.

This is normally associated with a fever, such as the flu. But it can also be associated with a collective symptom picture after you have been traumatised by a fright. Or it can be as a result of anticipation anxiety, such as stage fright.

It will be just one symptom in a whole symptom picture.

The homeopathic medicine Gelsemium has that symptom. So let’s look at its other strong keynote symptoms:

frequent urination
heaviness – often your head or eyelids
numbness or a paralyzed feeling
great fatigue or weakness

Some of these symptoms are easy to see in someone suffering from stage fright. Or flu. Whilst you don’t need all these symptoms for Gelsemium to work for you, you do need to feel that your symptom ‘picture’ matches that of this medicine. This is often best arrived at my matching at least three of your symptoms to those of the medicine.

So if you have the sensation of chills that run up and down you back, with two more strong symptoms of yours which match others in the above list, then Gelsemium should do great things for you.

Dose suggestions will be on the bottle, but as a guide take one dose of a 6c or 30c every 15 minutes or so for four doses. If it helps, then keep going, as required. If nothing happens, then you need to look at another, more appropriate medicine.

Written by Madeleine Innocent
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